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The Great Reset!


Why does this look like a website from 1997?!

And so it happened, on that fateful August day, that after finally reclaiming the website from a previous, mighty troublesome webhost, all files were in the process of being backed up. And thus it was that everything freaking crashed!
Yes, we had a weak moment in our whole back up process, where everything was connected, and when it crashed, everything was wiped out. We have backups stored on external drives, but they are not fully uptodate, meaning we basically lost everything.
It was decided that although work is still being done on recovering many files from external sources, this was the catalyst that pushed a complete reset. Everything is now being remade from scratch, with a new and brutally efficient mindset, and by embracing complete creative chaos to get the ball rolling that much better.
So your beloved embassy is being rewritten, redrawn, recoded, refitted and rebooted from the ground up. And for some time, that means everyting looks a mess, because getting things remade is sadly more important than tweaking every tiny but pretty detail.
Get ready for a bit of a ride...!

What is The Embassy?

Embassy of Time, or The Embassy, is an experiment to see if one person, with the help of a few others from time to time, can create a full fiction universe.


Because modern entertainment media is becoming a pit of hyper-capitalist despair. Everyone wants to keep others (i.e. "competition") out, but none of them want to really create anything new. So it was decided that the power had to go back into the hands of common creatives.


By creating a fictional universe that allows for a wide variety of creatives to use to create and promote their own work, including work not directly tied to The Embassy.
In other words, the goal is to create a fictional universe with huge variety, so that others can get their own work out there by adding to it.

What is this universe about?

Time travel. A big time war is going on, but the main cast are too far removed from it to do much about it. Instead, they handle the problems created by the war in other places and times.

What kind of fiction media will be involved?

Current projects include books, animation, comics, video games, board games, pen-and-paper RPGs, and more.

Who is doing this?

Mainly me. Some people help from time to time with some things.

How is this even realistic?

It is not. This is an experiment, and it can go wrong in a million ways. But it can also go right.
More specifically, a lot of unusual methods are used to create things, and after the great reset mentioned earlier, these methods will be super-charged. The tools for these methods will be made available to others.

What can creative people get out of this?

A platform to display their talents. When everyone just does their own thing, people rarely pay much attention. If there is some (possibly insane...) main thing, people pay more attention. Basically, the project goal is to attract attention, so that others can profit from doing fan-style work on their own.

What do you get out of all this?

I want to do it. I also want to see what others can do, and get inspired by them. And I want a big, cross-time universe like this to exist, because it is cool. And maybe money. Not sure exactly how, but maybe money.

What now?

Due to the great reset, a ton of things need to be done. I will be doing it, with some help from others. All plans are there only until new plans come along, everything is in motion, everything is chaos. Feel free to point and laugh!
Or just drop in now and then to see what is currently on fire!